In 1942 Singapore fell to the Japanese and with it the vital air route that delivered top secret air mail and VIP's between Britain and Australia. Qantas has decided to reconnect the air-route, flying an almost impossible 32 hours non-stop between Perth and Sri Lanka in Catalina flying boats. Overloaded with fuel and hunted by the enemy, these flights would break the air blockade of Australia and help win the war. The crews would see two sunrises on their flight later calling them, The Double Sunrise Flights. In total, 271 crossings had been made across the Indian Ocean without any loss of life. A total of 858 passengers and 100 tonnes of mail had been flown for over 2 million kilometers. All across enemy territory, unarmed and without support. Feats still regarded today as some of the bravest in aviation history. This documentary interviews the last remaining pilot from the Double Sunrise Flights, 93 year old Rex Senior. Rex recalls his times spent on the flights and how the crews were never recognized for what they contributed to Australia's history. Narrated by John McNeill (Underbelly - The Golden Mile) and directed by Daniel Bunker.

The Story of the Double Sunrise Flights

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